Saturday, December 24, 2011

Livingroom Decorations

  Are you ready for Christmas??It came up soo fast with being gone a few days for a funeral last week.I wanted to do more baking,but Hubby and Baby got sick with a horrible cough.I'm running on a few hours of sleep a night this week.I didn't get pictures taken while it was nice outside,so these are taken at night.I wanted to retake some of them,but my last batteries died.I didn't spend any money on decorations.I did spend about $10 on ornaments or supplies to make them.I wanted a natural,rustic and white theme that wasn't too "Christmasy" and could stay up awhile.I took lots of pictures..So here she is-

A shot from the dining room.

The right side of the dining room/living room doorway.

I still have the "give thanks" pillow out from Dear Lilli's blog.I figured we still need to be reminded to be thankful-especially this holiday season.I bought some Silent Night/Holy Night downloads off Etsy to make pillow covers.I didn't get them made with everything else that's going on.

This is on the left side of the dining room/living room opening.The sled was from a friend.The cedar chest was a birthday gift from my husband 3 years ago.A friend woodburned a picture of  mountains and a cabin on the top.The old bucket on the wall was found beside the road in my hometown in Ohio this summer.

I filled the chippy green box with fresh greenery,a few picks,feathers and a music covered Pringles can.The sack fabric underneath was from Slim's stash.I also made the pillow cover on the chair in the picture above this one from the same fabric.

A view from the front entrance.

This toy chest is just inside the front entrance behind the couch.The mirror is from a repo barn.I filled 2 quart jars with boxwood branches and hung ornaments off of them.A German Bible sits in front of it.Jars and cans filled with Epsom salt(for snow) and votives fill up the rest.

I love the beautiful writing and pictures in this German Bible.

This sunburst mirror got a little love with a small wreath,boxwood and a single ornament.

I redecorated this mantel a few times..I'm ok with it now,but it's still not what I was really looking for.But for no money??Yes,yes!!

The candlesticks were brass-they got a facelift via spray paint.The metal candleholder came from Celebrating Home a few years ago.

I snitched this pitcher from my Mama last summer-it was destined for the trash.

I made this Scrabble print earlier this summer.I used it instead of names or initials on the sockings.

I whipped up these stockings the other day while Kobe napped.Mine got a feminine touch-ruffles.I used scrap fabric from my Mama and an old curtain to make these.I used an old stocking for a pattern.I like how easy they were to make.=)

A peice of cardboard covered in sheet music takes center stage on the dresser/entertainment center.It also hides the TV-which we only use to watch movies.

I covered a candle in sheet music and stuck it in this large vase.A lil twine and greenery top it off.

Remember the old box of letters I found this summer??I have used those everywhere!!

Simple decorations + a crawling baby= a happier mama.He doesn't mess with the pinecones and greenery much since it's prickly.

A not so good photo of our first tree at night.I used mostly gold ornaments,some stars and snowflakes that I had on hand.I was looking for burlap ribbon but Hobby Lobby was out of it.My sis-in-law made the H on the top.I used that since I didn't have a topper.

A wedding pic-wow-don't we look young??=)It's only been 2 1/2 years ago!!

I bought 6 clear plastic ornaments at Hobby Lobby and covered a few with sheet music.

A star cut out of cardstock paper covered with music paper & gold glitter and hung with jute twine...

A pic of our angel baby.I stuck white feathers behind the picture.

A few gifts under the tree.We didn't go big on gifts this year as usual.Simple is better for us and the pocketbook!!

I wanted to make more of these sheet music fans to hang on the tree,but didn't get it done.They make good "bows" for gifts.And yes,I am not talented at wrapping round gifts with a rectangular peice of paper.

We plan to open our gifts in the morning and then go to my parents for the rest of the day.My Grandpa  from Ohio came yesterday-so glad he's well enough to visit!!My brother and family from Texas is planning on coming on Thursday and staying till sometime after New Years.My family usually celebrates Christmas on New Year's Day so we can be with in-laws or with our own lil families on Christmas Day.I'm soo excited about my family being all together and playing with all the babies.=)We're off to My parent's this evening to make and wrap Caramel Candy-a family tradition.Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and remember what Christmas is really about!!
  •                                               ~Vintage Maedel~

Dining Room Decorations

Hello,lovely friends!!I am happy to finally be posting these pics-I am reeeaaally crowding the Christmas deadline!!My dream house would be full of white things-airy and light and casual.I decided to go with a white/silver theme for the dining room.Since white is the only color dishes I have, it worked perfectly.

I took these pics at different times,some at night-so they look a little yellow or blurry.I wish a good camera would be under the tree.

 I covered a big oatmeal can with cotton balls for a vase.Spray-painted branches,moss and silver ornaments make a simple centerpiece.I put a blanket underneath it for a table runner and scattered white feathers and tea light candles around it.

A white sheer curtain separates the dining room and living room.It makes the room feel cozier!

 The reason for the season...

 Sheet music papers make cute placemats.And no,we never actually ate at the table.I think my hubby was scared he'd stain all the white stuff.I think he's more worried than I am!!

The next pictures are of the "wash bench" that Slim used while growing up.I put white dishes on it and put closet doors on either side.I like the contrast of the dark wood and the white dishes.

The quote in the frame is a free printable from Dear Lillie's blog.

 I'm sure I took a picture with the whole scene on it,but it's nowhere to be found!!=( But just imagine the other half of tissue pom-poms,doors,wreaths and crocks,ok?

 I found this cute canister set at the thrift store a few weeks back for $4!A dollar a peice!!The branches were given by a man that sells Christmas trees.He bought a building from us to use as an office.He also gave me a wreath-it smells heavenly!!

Stop in for some cookies and tea/coffee!!
 I'll try to post the living room pictures today sometime.Have a wonderful day as you look forward to celebrating Christmas tomorrow!!