Thursday, April 12, 2012

Farmin' the Day Away

Let me take you on a tour of the  lil farm we have going on in our living room.The day is a bit chilly with the sun glistening on the feilds of brown earth.The farm is small-the economy is hard on ya,ya know.So tough,the owner of this farm can't afford the seeds he needs to plant and make a living.

He doesn't seem to mind-he keeps on grinnin' with his lil teeth and farmin' on his hands and knees.

The fences need fixin',the house is rotted away and there's only 2 bales of hay left.Half the doors are off the barn.

 The lil' cow family conentedly chews their hay while gorgeous Rainbow Pony watches on snootily.

"These crazy cows never want to drag race or paint their hooves"-Rainbow Pony storms."Guess the only thing they're made for is makin' milk and meat for humans!...

...And the crazy thing they do for their young'uns-my,my,what a  crazy way to keep the milk flowin'.It's udderly fascinatin'!!

 This ole'  mama milk cow is bout done in.Her tails worn thin from swattin' those pesty flies n skeeters(and babies).The sore spot on her neck keeps gettin bigger-she keeps rubbin' on the fences for lack of better things to do. 

The ranch hands have scarcely a thing to do but scratch heir heads and keep grinning.Mabel still manages to stay plump and rosy-cheeked in spite of the lack of food(or is there a lil one cookin?).Hank keeps his mustache long to help pass the time-if he doesn't quit strokin' it,it'll soon be gone.When he gets in a "romantical" mood,he takes Mabel on a ride on the big green tractor.They ride to the fishin' hole and catch a mess of catfish.Motel Midnight is their bed for the night-under the pine tree in the back feild,lisening to the crickets chirpin' and the coon dogs a barkin'.Don't take much to make these poor country folks happy.

All is well until one day an old tornator comes a-rippin' and a-roarin' thru the farm.My,it sure tore things up!!

The ole' "Date Ride" done lost it's wheel and got it's nose done in real good.

The owner came by to check out the damage.You just can't wipe that grin of his face-no matter what the devastation is.He told Hank & Mabel that he's gonna have to leave the farm 'cuz of the lack of funds to fix 'er back up like new.The damage remains -and so does the smile on his face.