Thursday, August 25, 2011

Laundry Blues

I love doing laundry...despite the title of this post.
I love...
Emptying the clothes hampers.
The scent of laundry detergent.
Hearing the water swishing in the washer.
Reveling in the fact that I don't need to use a washboard to scrub mud-splattered pants.
Hanging clothes outside in the bright sunshine.
Seeing all the towels hanging in order from darkest to lightest.Biggest to smallest.
Yes,I am picky like that.
White sheets flapping in the wind-reminding me of peace.
It makes my heart smile (Is that possible?) to save money by using the washline instead of the dryer.
I'm glad I live in the country where it's considered standard (not redneck) to hang it all out.
I'm talking about laundry! 
Stacks of neatly folded clothes...only to have my son tear everything up.
The wonderful feeling knowing you have good smelling clothes in your drawers.

These pics are proof that I am the wife of a hard working man--check out the stains & holes.=)

 Even tho we have...
sometimes,there's no money or perfume that can beat the smell of sun dried laundry.

Who knew laundry could look cute??

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Mantel

I know...summer is almost gone.The steamy hot days that make the pool so refreshing,fresh squeezed lemonade,garden produce,a nicely mowed lawn...I'd love to keep summer here awhile longer,but I am really looking forward to Fall.Here are a few pics of my summer/beach inspired mantel which cost me about $1.Can't beat that!!=)Of course it's not as fancy-shmancy as a lot of peoples',but it's what I could afford.It also reminds me of our honeymoon in Cancun,Mexico and our anniversary trips to Santa Barbara,CA and Orange Beach,AL.I've had it up awhile-I'm just a little behind in  the blogging world!!

The only things I bought was the letters "SEA" and the blue book---the rest I made,collected from the beach or had already.Of course,ever-changing-things around-me took the pitcher of flowers,1 chippy picture frame and the blue book down.I thought it looked too a little full.
I'll be showing pics of the whole livingroom soon and the less cluttered mantel.

This last pic is in the living room too-just love this lil ole' fence.Reminds me of the fences at the beach.see Dave Ramsey peeking out of the crate?We love that man!!

Enjoy the carefree barefoot days.Soak up some lovely sunshine.Breathe in the refreshing scent of freshly mown grass.Swing from a tree branch.Go on  moonlit walks.Munch on the healthy garden foods.Spend each minute you can with the ones you love.Be bold-wear bright colors that make you happy.Or go parasailing 800 feet in the air like I did.Thank God for the "awesomeness" of this beautiful "sunshiney" season called SUMMER!!!