Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Gift and a School Picnic

The weather we've been having is absolutely gorgeous!!Makes we wanna dig in the dirt-kick a little,cause a stir,make some noise and be heard...Can I get a yee-haw??I love living in the country at spring time.The land comes ALIVE!!
  Ok..I still haven't got very far with my projects I was talking about.My lil guy has really wanted his mommy and we've had company...But I DO have something to post that I'm excited about!!
One of my husband's  lovely barns for MY VERY OWN!!
And I didn't even have to beg!!(much)
Actually,I didn't mention it for a long time.He took this barn to a festival in town on Saturday.Before he left,he told me that it will probably go into our backyard.Did I ever mention that I LOVE him??This barn is rather small-6 ft.x8 ft.I am trying to decide if I want to use it for storage or a chicken barn.I'm thinking I'll use it to store our treasures in and then add a lean-to on the backside for a lil chicken coop.Shelves are needing to be made yet...maybe next week.Our storage stuff has been sitting on our screened-in back porch since Oct. when I fall cleaned the house and cleaned out closets.I always fix up the back porch during the summer,so this beauty arrived just in time!!
I fixed lunch for the school children on Wednesday.Instead of serving it at school,like normal-I invited them over for a picnic lunch.I was going to fix this barn up with a colorful banner and maybe tissue paper pom-poms,but my baby fussed all afternoon and evening the day before.Grandma came to the rescue and held him while I made food.I threw some stuff together in the morning and my sister came to help set up and babysit.

Excuse the pics.I was in a hurry and can't find the ones that I edited!!
 We put some old quilts on the ground to sit on.I love my old quilts!! We used bandanas for napkins,pint jars for cups and old dishes.I didn't get as many pics as I wanted to since I was running out of time,but I hope you get the idea.We played Frisbee and tried juggling afterward.We also dug thru my Hubby's Amish clothes.The boys had fun trying them on.I didn't get pics-I was demonstrating everything .
Azaleas and creeping Jenny in a blue jar
Old dishes and tea

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeds and Scraps

Well,Hello there,friends!!It's been a lil while,'eh??
Most of my time has been dedicated to taking care of this lil charmer..he's been rather fussy the past few weeks,but he's cute even when he's cranky.Hard to believe he'll be 2 months old soon.He outgrew his preemie clothes now and weighed in at 8 lbs the other day.I wanted to cry when I packed up his tiny clothes-knowing he'll never be that little again..time seems to go twice as fast since he came,I'm trying to soak up every minute I can with him before I'll be busy with gardening,canning...Speaking of gardening,I'm starting one inside this year..just lettuce,tomatos and corn so far.
Can't wait to dig in the dirt again!!Watching these sprouts grow reminds me of how we need to grow in the Lord..first of all-die to self,feed contiously(like my lil boy does!!!) on His Word,soak up the "Son". We will then be able to branch out,bear fruit and help others these plants will help our waist line grow!ha

   This is what's going on outside-
weeds..=) but hey,they don't look TOO bad here,do they??And yes,I use the mower when I feel really ambitious!
Creeping Jenny around an azalea bush
Can't remember what this bush is called,but I love it!!
  I've also been working on creating simple beauty out of scraps and a few new items..I haven't got very far yet..I'll show you the mess now-the beauty later.
Tissue Paper
Fabric Remnants
My Craft Table

The beauty pics will be up next.Nothing fancy~just somethings I enjoy doing.
I hope ya'll have a blessed day!!