Friday, July 15, 2011

Evening Snack

Sparkling water,grapes and hot pepper cheese...a snack me & the hubby enjoyed one evening.

Have a great day!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

$1 Treasures

I'm cheap.Very cheap.I don't like to spend more than $15 on one item-from clothes/shoes to dishes to decorations to you name it.That's why thrift stores and yardsales are my best friend.That's why my walls are still rather bare-I'm working on that.I always look at the discount aisles.I try not to buy things that I don't need.Try being the key word.I don't always follow the $15 rule tho in case you are starting to think I'm the Queen of Thrifty Shopping.I wish I was.Back before marriage and a kid-it was quite a different story.I've learned alot about making do and saving money since then.Trying to save has become a lifestyle-something I enjoy.Finding deals always makes me feel giddy.If you just look and are open minded and not afraid to repaint or use a little elbow grease,you can find some great treasures.Even tho we are almost debt free,I save everywhere I can.Your imagination has to work a little harder sometimes,but it's o so worth it!Anyhow,here are some things I found this summer for $.99- $1.00--

4 cone cups-$1 a piece.Perfect for sundaes on the back porch.I don't have cute summer dishes anyway..

A cute aqua colored birdcage.I love bird cages and birds!!

A curtain "holder thingie"-not sure of the name.There was only one.

Excuse the washed out pics.I blame it on bad lighting,but it's because my photography skills are about as good as my backing-up-a-vehicle ones.

I found an old cardboard box with a post mark from 1953 on it that was holding old chipboard letters.Mostly vowels..

A little wagon to hold my son's blocks and toys...
Some books with good ole' American history for Kobe to read/be read to when he's bigger...

A beautiful sea shell...

Picture frames that I want to paint and distress to bring out all the details...

A shelf that needs a little paint.I don't have 1 shelf on the walls in my whole house!!

Styrofoam balls that I want to cover with moss...

Vases from Dollar Tree...I added raffia and ribbon.

Tissue Paper PomPoms I made from $1 packs of tissue paper...

$1 letters from Hobby Lobby for something I'll post about soon...

A chippy old picture frame I've had for years...
Look for treasures-they are everywhere!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blueberry Bliss

I love summer for many reasons-blueberries is one of them.My mom,sisters,lil bro & I picked 8 gallon at a local blueberry farm 2 weeks ago.They were a little smaller this year because of the long spell of dry weather,but still so good!!

 We ate blueberries for breakfast...
for lunch..

and for dessert we had heavenly blueberry crisp that melted in your mouth!!

I canned 15 pints of blueberries.I still had plenty of frozen ones from last year.Blueberry pie filling is something that I would love to can yet if I get around to it..and  make blueberry pancakes,muffins...
Hope your day is filled with sweetness!!

Show Me State

Warning-this post contains lots of pics!!=)
I was recently in Missouri for a cousin's wedding.I stayed at my uncles lovely house-full of old pics she found at yard sales or thrift stores and many other lovely things..
 This one was my favorite one-the arches,old stone...LOVE!!

This pic is soft and romantic.The ladie's long wavy hair and dress are beautiful!
Rows and rows of old books are found in nearly every room of their house.

 Lovely chandeliers..

 Part of the lovely front porch.I wish I would have taken more pics.It looks so cozy and inviting.
I wanted to steal this old chest-I love me some chippy blue paint and old wood.
Now for some lovely wedding details in honor of Sir Gerald and Lady Abigail--
 The groom's aunt is a talented florist-hydrangeas and daisies always make me smile.

 The food was absolutely scrumptious-chips & salsa for appetizers and a Belizian entree which was Ricardo chicken,rice and beans and coleslaw.

 My lovely sisters (in pink)and cousin.
Here are the owners of the lovely house I told you about.Incredibly nice people-I am lucky to call them family.

A four generation pic-my grandmother,mother,Kobe and I.Excuse my slumped shoulders and the glaring sun.

We went to visit another uncle about 4 hours away from the wedding location.He had a lung disease.I am soo glad that we got to see him.He passed away on July 1.We just came back from his funeral early this morning.He will be greatly missed!Here are some pics of their lovely home-totally my style!!

 A walk in pantry just off the kitchen-full of vintage things.I'm in love with the built-in shelves and shutters.

 Did I ever confess my affair with farmhouse sinks and sink skirts??Well,now the secret is out.I dream of having a beauty in my own house one day.Or maybe 2 or 3..ok I'll stop now.
 Sigh..old things are the best.

 This garden shed and garden make me green with envy!=)Maybe some day I can raise beautiful plants.
Totally love this!!
We drove another few hours to visit two of my cousins.Their flowerbeds are just beautiful!!

Beautiful spotless garden

My cousin is a great self-taught artist!!She painted this picture last year.

And last of all a picture of the divine home-made soft pretzels loaded with cinnamon & sugar we ate one evening..what a great way to end the vacation!!