Monday, September 26, 2011


Just a random post of pics of my family taken this 'em all.All but my oldest brother & family(from Texas)live within 2 miles of each other.We have so many good times together.I've been blessed with 5 sisters and an awesome sis-in-law...lots of fun girl times-shopping,Starbucks,cooking...!!
Here's my lil boy who's growing up so fast!!

Eating Mexican food with my lovely sisters...

  Daddy and Kobe all dressed up for church..

 Aunt Nita and Kobe
My bro Philip who is a bullrider-more daring than I am!!

My big brother Lyndon (from Texas) holding his new daughter Alexis--

My sweet sis-in-law Lilly with her lil girlies-Amy & Alexis..

Proud big sis!!

The lil doll-Alexis...

 A family cookout in our backyard---
 My sis Brenda and her man Nate ...

...and their cute lil boy Karson...
My beautiful sis Missy who is fun and creative--

Gina just turned 14 and is homeschooling this year.                                                                                  
Angie-just started 1rst grade.She is very talkative & is learning fast.                                                        

Dad-love him!!                                                                         

My wonderful Mom holding Karson.

My sis Nita and hubby Paul.Such a wonderful and cute couple!!

 My bro Randall.He just turned 12.He loves horses and John Wayne=)
My Mr.Handsome--he's the best!!
And then there's me...
I found a vintage outfit in a repo barn and thought it would be neat to take some vintage photos of my lil heartbreaker..

6 girls-3 boys=lots of work,fun and memories...and lots of babies=)There have been 3 babies added to the family this year.Our family is together alot for meals in the evenings-except Lyndons who live 800 miles away.We miss them soo much!!I'm excited about getting together at Christmas time and watching all the cousins play together. 
I'd love to hear about things your family does!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lukewarm Coffee

Coffee-the wonderful aroma that fills our kitchen every morning.Well,mornings that I get up early enough to make it.It's what has kept me going these last few days.Baby is teething,fussy  and not sleeping good at night.The cool,grey rainy mornings makes me wanna crawl back in bed and get in just a few more long winks of sleep.But Mommies can't always do as they please.So there is coffee to keep them going.A wake-up drink to arouse your brain cells and urge your senses to come alive.

I've enjoyed studying about lukewarm Christians the last few weeks.The Bible talks about the Laodicean church-blindly conceited,smug & selfish,focusing inward instead of Christ.So many "Christians" and churches could easily be compared to them.America seems to be sleeping-an alarming amount of sins which are plainly wrote out in the Bible are now lawful and considered standard.What are we Christians doing-going to church,criticizing those people and becoming calloused to everything.Soon we don't think they are THAT bad and shrug it off-saying if they want to live like that and do their own thing,then let them.We can't change them anyway.No,we can't change their hearts and actions.Only Christ can.Are we showing them Christ??Up!Drowsy child of God,awake!
  So often when I think of the government,I think of the corrupt things they are allowing to happen.It seems as tho they have their eyes shut,not seeing the danger of it all.But what about my own life??Sure,I didn't have an abortion.Or do drugs.But what about the things I allow to creep into my life-thinking it won't's not that's just little..causing my focus to dwell on things,myself and family instead of God??Think of the pain and jealousness God must feel when we serve Him with a lukewarm heart.He gave His TOTAL best-His ONLY Son-the one thing closest to his heart,so that I could have an intimate relationship with Him.Only to have me think more about my house,decorations,work piling up because my baby is fussy...the list goes on & on.Yes,I read the Bible,pray,go to church and am involved with the youth group...But is my heart really in it??
  Do I sigh when my turn to clean the churchhouse comes around?Do I get all nervous when I feel like I should talk to the worn out looking lady with the wailing snotty-nosed kid at the grocery store?When was the last time I really read His Word-soaking it all up,not keeping track of time??Do my prayers consist of thanking God for the day,my family and asking Him to bless me?To bless me when I don't even feel like praising Him?Am I willing to limit my time reading blogs,Facebook..looking at Pinterest.. and spend more time with Him??Ouch-I am SO guilty of ALL these things.I go thru all the motions of being a Christian,thinking that somehow that's enough.It looks good and others think I'm ok.It's all about me.As long as I can get by with enough "religion" to make me feel good about myself,I'm happy.Such a shame-considering about how MUCH Christ willingly did for me!!
  Lukewarm coffee is just disgusting in my opinion.I tried drinking some this morning.Steamy hot or iced-oh,yes.But half way in between makes me shiver and makes me wanna spit it out.God feels the same way about lukewarm Christians."So then because thou art lukewarm,and neither cold nor hot,I will spew thee out of my mouth."-Revelation 3:16.Lukewarmness is serious! You do the right things,but don't have the zeal & love for God that shines out & encourages others to be willing to serve God more fully.We lack conviction and are half-hearted.We have a false sense of security,thinking we are spiritually alive and well.We tend to gauge our spiritual depth or status -and justifying ourselves-with other lukewarm Christians.Extremely dangerous!!Jesus said in Revelation 3:15 that he actually prefers a spiritually cold person to one that is lukewarm.He does not want anyone to perish-it grieves His heart.How much more it must grieve Him to condemn the lukewarm Christian who is decieved and thinks that he is on the straight and narrow way.
  Christ is there for us ALL the time.Even when we half-heartedly worship Him,ignore Him too much and focus too much on ourselves.Which is great news,because I have a LOT of growing to do!!I want to serve Him with ALL of my heart,mind and soul-to have a close relationship with Him and give Him all the glory-which is why He created us in the first place!
  Check your temperature-hot,cold or lukewarm??