Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Autumn Fun

Hiking,beautiful scenerey,family here to visit,great Alabama game,a hotdog roast & hayride with church folks is what our weekend consisted of.I am so blessed!!I am happy that God is a God of color-that He enjoys rich beauty and that He likes to show it off for us to ooh and aah over.He never ceases to amaze me!!

This little slice of paradise borders our land we recently purchased.The owner gave us permission to hike,camp and fish here whenever we want to.I love coming to this secluded spot not far from our small town.


This little guy always likes to explore here.I'm excited about spending more time here when he's older-fishing,camping...doing what boys love to do.

My adorable nephew.

The three littles.My neice and nephew are exactly a week apart.Kobe is 5 months older.It's almost impossible to get a good shot of the three squirmies!!

Miss Pretty Eyes.

Miss Lovely Blonde Hair.
We had fun aunt/kid times.

"Sit down and let me tell you..."she says as he listens so intently.

"Girls are just soo much more fun!!",she's says dramatically rolling her eyes. "Oh humph!!That's what you think.We shall see,we shall see"he says with a smirk,his toes curled in defense.

They did play nicely together and discovered that both genders are fun.=)
Another attempt to capture the lil stinkers.
My little kitchen helper.I think I could handle one of these more often.=)

Turns on the swing and eating healthy snacks.
The next pictures are of our church hotdog roast.We had a beautiful setting.

Love this pic for some reason-Converse and a cozy fire.

There was lots of talk and laughter...

...and some sober moments.

One of my fave pics even tho it's blurry.He's teething right now and has been chewing on carrots a lot.

Cute hat,Mr. Preacher!

What fun things have you done this autumn?

Autumn Decor

The crisp,chilly mornings,cute cardigans,boots,pumpkin spice lattes,and the crunch of beautiful leaves underfoot...are a few things I love about autumn.I prefer the term autumn over fall-sounds much more beautiful to me.I tend to decorate my house with neutral colors.Bright orange and red are beautiful-I just don't want my house screaming those colors.I did incorporate more color this year tho.I didn't spend any money on decor this year-just shopped the house and outdoors.I'll show the living room first.

The old window  came from my Mom when they moved.I made the autumn banner from book pages.

An old book stuck behind the broken window pane.

I love my "give thanks" pillow I won from Jennifer from Dear Lillie.The vase is filled with dried okra (pods?) from our garden.The tray was a birthday gift from my sister.

Here is a shot of more of the room.Our living room is big and it's hard to get the whole thing on a pic.Especially if you have an ugly 90's plaid couch under those pillows and blankets on the right.I ordered a slipcover today.I am soo excited!!

A few touches of red/orange/brown on my open shelves in the kitchen...

A shot from the livingroom.

Simple table decor..

German Chocalate Cake.Hubby's birthday cake every single year.I really should bake it more often.


My first attempt at baking a pumpkin roll.It was good-just needed more of that cream cheese filling!!

After you're done licking your chops,come hang your hat in the laundry room.

This "gallery" wall full of random things was inspired by Pinterest.I seem to have a fetish for hanging empty frames on the wall at the moment.I hung wreaths,a basket,dried fern leaves and book papers too,along with a painting I found for FREE in the bottom of our motorhome=).The blue and browns mach my house inside perfectly.Sorry about the bad pictures,the sun was glaring in the door.

My grandma's old ironing board is standing in the corner.She passed away 3 years ago-I always think of her when I see it.

My brothers used this dresser.I may paint it one day but I'm too lazy for now,I'll let it.

This next picture isn't really "autumn-ish",but I decided to show you anyway.I used the springs from the baby bed all of us 9 kids slept in for my inspiration board/photo board in the office/craft room.
It's definitely sweater weather.Bundle up and enjoy the beautiful hues outside your window.It will be Christmas before we know it!!