Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celebrating Life

We had a picnic/party in the backyard this summer to celebrate the life of Neveah Starr.Less than 12 hours later I was in the doctor's office hearing the news that the baby had died.Was he/she still alive when we celebrated??I like to think so.Maybe the baby could sense our happiness-knowing that he/she was wanted,that we were so happy to have the chance to love even tho we never met.The evening was perfect-filled with happiness,smiles and lots of white...the perfect send-off-to Heaven party.I smile evey time I see these pics~memories of having my little baby with me...just taking time to make an ordinary evening extra special and celebrating the great gift of life...spending time with my family.
I hung some white sheets on the washline and covered the picnic table with an old quilt.

Bouquets of Baby's Breath(the perfect flower for this occasion) and snippets of boxwood greenery in metal cans were used for center peices.

The white plates were ones Slim's family used at home.The wooden bowls are thrift store finds.I tied our wedding napkins and silverware together with a peice of wine.

We had  homemade grilled burgers,chocolate cake topped with Cool Whip and canned strawberries(Slim's favorite dessert) and fresh squeezed lemonade.

These were so juicy!!We had veggies and dip too,but I didn't get a pic of those.

 We took a few pics together.We were so happy!!I love spending time with this man-he always makes me smile.He was there for me,cried and prayed with me,cooked for me and did housework,took Kobe to work with him so I could rest after my miscarriage.I could not have made it without him.He was really hoping for a girl-I pray that one day God will grant him his wish-he deserves it.

The little boy blue had so much fun.He loves being outside.


I cut out some hearts from sheet music paper I had on hand and strung them up with twine.I painted over a $2.00 thrift store picture with chalkboard paint for a chalkboard and hung it from the washline with a wire clothes hanger.I set a pot of flowers on my $5 highchair I found at a yard sale last summer. 

This picnic reminded me to always cherish the important things in life.You never know what tomorrow will bring,so make each day special in some way.I'm so glad we had this picnic-the next few weeks were emotional ones.Remembering that God gives life and takes it away became more real.A thought just struck me today-I am blessed that God chose my 2 children to be with Him.It's great that He loves me enough to give me hardships to make me become more like Him-to have to trust that He has a reason for everything.It's not easy,but good for me.
"Don't let your hearts be troubled.Trust in God,and also trust in me."-John 14:1~Jesus' words.
 "Even when I walk through the darkest valley,I will not be afraid,for you are close beside me.Your rod and staff protect and comfort me."-Psalm 23:4 
I am blessed that he chose ME-a little ole' country gal to have my children in the richest,fanciest place ever-footloose and fancy free,without a care in the world.I never have to worry about them needing a thing.Sure,I miss them.A lot.Think of what could have been.Who they might have become.The times we would've have spent together.I always think of them when I see the stars-knowing they're up there waiting for me to meet them.It will be worth the wait.
Spend time with your family.Do fun things together.I never heard anyone regret doing special things that make memories.It doesn't have to cost much-it's the love and memories that counts.
Celebrate life!!

One lovely day

 We were invited to my cousin's wedding in Ohio this summer.It was a lovely outdoor event in the afternoon.The weather was perfect,music was beautiful and the decorations were just lovely.Here is the happy couple-Mr. & Mrs. Horst.
This wedding was totally my style-burlap,country and lots of diy!!I had a lot of people tell me that it looks like my type of decor/wedding.My wedding was NOT like this tho!!I'd redo alot of stuff at my wedding if I could.But I'd marry the same guy!

They got married in a ball feild.The pics pretty much tell the story...

The bride is a great photographer.The guests signed a photo book full of pictures of the couple.

I loved the hay bales,tissue pom-poms and mis-matched chairs.

They poured paint over a canvas instead of doing the traditional unity candle or sand.

The "doorway" into the tent.Her father remodeled an old house for a couple and she got the old doors and windows.

The centerpeices were either twigs or Queen Anne's Lace flowers.Everyone had a green apple on their plate.The whole setting looked clean and relaxing.

Chips and salsa were served as appetizers.Aren't the jars cute?

The groom made the pergola-which the bridal party sat under.

They sat on mismatched chairs again.Notice the pom-poms made out of newspaper-so cool and CHEAP.=)

I love how the lights look like hearts on this picture.

The lovely bridal table-a mix of candles,vases and pitchers and bouquets.

The couple made the dessert tables from old doors.Aren't they gorgeous??I wanted to take one or both home with me.

Lots of deliciousness...

The simple and beautiful cake.This pic is bad,but it was pretty.

A few pics of our little family..

And last but not least,one of the adorable flower girls.She's a doll!!

Have a blessed day!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Summer of 2012-Part 2

I got a new camera in May.An anniversary,birthday and Christmas gift to myself all in one package.
Talk about being excited!!Its a fancy one-I'm just learning how to operate it.I saved up $$ for half of it
and Hubby paid the rest,'cuz he's nice like that!!
My friend and I had a big fundraiser/benefit yard sale for the girl in the middle of the pic.She was in a bad 4-wheeler accident.She was out of the hospital only a few days befor this pic.
I went to Mississippi for my Grandma's birthday party and to clean her house in July.

.My family hosted a big family reunion(I won't post any pics-I took lots)..And snapped pics of this lil cutie,,,

 He got his first haircut.I really wanted to cry when we cut those lil curls!!They were so cute!Before...

                                    during the haircut process...he did NOT like it!!...

    and after.He still doesn't look happy.I don't blame him.Although,it is nice when people
    ask if he's a girl,now.I think he looks better with long hair-who votes yes??=)

                                                           The lovely little ringlets!!

                  Some days we stayed in PJ's all day and played and read books and cuddled...

                                    some days we made messes when learning to feed ourselves...

                                                    and sometimes the guys did dishes.

              ...and got into trouble a few times.I love the guilty,disturbed look on his face.
            Occasionally we'd clean up the house and take pictures of the decorations in the livingroom.

One Sunday afternoon we went on a drive.I was missing Nevaeh and felt so much better after seeing God's beautiful creation and thinking of Him.

                                          Kobe loves when I babysit this little cutie,I do too.

                                A few of our favorite times were going to the lake and fishing.

Stay tuned for pics of the party and wedding I talked about in my last post.